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    • Од производиелот:
      Traditional Styling
      11 Cooling vents
      Y lock strap slides for easy adjustment
      Sealed inner pads
      Conforms to en1078 safety standard

    • Од производителот:
      As sharp and fast as what it is named, the F-38R Lightning
      is the speedster’s favorite. The aerodynamic design yearns
      to go fast. Three full sizes cover a very wide range of
      head sizes. Joined by new colors and visors and a
      newly revamped lower part, the F-38R Lightning
      will rock faster than ever!

    • Од производителот:
      Prowell started our legend from this model, the F-22 Raptor.
      It is the first helmet that we put the EPU IN-MOLD2 foam
      core into a high-performance all-round package. More than
      just a good- looking helmet of high quality and safety, the
      C-rib structure makes the F-22 light and cool, while
      the top four “Exhaust Vents” help to draw
      heat out of the helmet more efficiently. The
      classic design and all-round performance
      of the F-22 is still favored by many
      users since it’s inception.

    • Aimed at racers and performance enthusiasts, Specter borrows DNA from the pro peloton-leading Oracle to deliver outstanding fit, massive airflow, and quick, easy adjustability.

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